Heating system installation

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Would you have thought that heating system installation already existed in the Antiquity? But that was not what we offer to our Customers today.

It is interesting from where we got to today’s heating system installation solutions, i.e. the short history of heating

Heating practically started with becoming familiar with fire, but it was not a system yet. However, the main purpose of using fire was already to protect against the cold.

In ancient Rome, heating systems were already in use more than 2,000 years ago; the installation of heating systems stated then. This was the ancestor of underfloor heating in today’s sense. Although this was far from today’s underfloor heating systems, it was a huge step forward. Technically, it was implemented in such a way that the heated room stood on 60 to 80 cm high columns. Heated water was introduced under the building and was discharged on the side of the building. This system was called ‘hypocaust heating. With the fall of the Roman Empire, this heating system was forgotten, and for a long time only individual heating units survived. Later, a new form of heating system installation appeared, which was initially a furnace made of mud and clay. These worked as open hearth heating, such as the tile stove and the fireplace. This was later followed by putting the open fire into an enclosed space: this was the stove. In the 1500s, the cooking stove appeared already, which provided warmth, had a top for cooking and even had an oven. The already mentioned tile stove was not yet suitable for heating larger communal areas. The first cast iron steam boiler appeared in the 1700s. Hot water heating appeared in the early 1800s. Of course, it still operated without pumps, as a gravity system. The first pump heating system was introduced in 1925.

After a short historical detour, let’s move on to the present day. Heating system installation is an important part of building services engineering.

Today, we consider heating inside buildings to be fundamental, which is one of the key parts of our comfort. Our company carries out the installation of complex heating systems for floor areas over 1,000 square metres. Our team has had over 100 successful deliveries during its 15-year career.
In terms of raw materials and equipment, we only work with Partners that distribute quality products because ‘We don’t give up on quality!’. The installation of heating systems is essential in any type of building:

  • industrial facilities
  • office buildings
  • hotels
  • public buildings
  • sports facilities
  • shopping centres.

What are the most commonly used heating systems?

Our company is constantly striving to provide the most efficient solution. Each installation requires a different solution. Of course, the design of the system always depends on the Principal’s request and the conditions of the building. If the property is newly built, it can be determined already at the design stage the installation of what heating system will be the most economical, be it a heat pump system, a gas-fired boiler or district heating.

How many projects did Kozma Kft. take part in where a heating system was also installed in the field of building services installation?

Well, we are past more than 100 big projects with flawless technical delivery. For example:

  • Wellness Hotel, Sopron
  • Aquatic Centre, Kaposvár
  • EGIS Pharmaceutical Factory expansion, Körmend
  • infrastructure development of the Erzsébet Camp, Zánka
  • Haladás Stadium, Szombathely
  • Denso Factory expansion, Székesfehérvár.

If you are looking for a building services contractor for the installation of a heating system in your project, please contact us with confidence at any of our contact points.